Welcome to Sunday at the Soaps
by King Duncan, Editor of Dynamic Preaching.

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        It is a common assumption that pastors who follow a lectionary are at a great disadvantage in today’s world. Pastors of fast-growing “megachurches” are generally not constrained in their choices of preaching material. They preach in series as the Spirit leads them, with catchy themes and close attention to the needs of their listeners. No one seems to mind if their preaching calendar allows them the luxury of avoiding texts that do not preach well or do not challenge the theological and cultural assumptions of their listeners.
        Still, the biggest enemy in many liturgical churches today is downright boredom. The preacher is bored and the people are bored. Predictability in worship, which can be such a comfort to some, is deadening to others. Finding a balance between innovation and faithful adherence to tradition may be the most challenging task of the contemporary pastor.
        The first quarter of the year 2002 offers subscribers to Dynamic Preaching a unique opportunity to have fun with lectionary preaching. The first Sunday in the year is January 6 —Epiphany. The last Sunday in March is Easter Sunday. We wanted a theme that would tie these Sundays together—hence Sunday at the Soaps. Beginning with “The Guiding Light” for Epiphany and ending with “Search for Tomorrow” on Easter Sunday, we have used the titles of TV Soaps to suggest our title and theme for each Sunday. It is a terrific series. Each of the sermons is loaded with ear-catching illustrations—which is what Dynamic Preaching is best known for.
        How do you handle the fact that there may be other pastors in your area who use Dynamic Preaching—particularly with a theme as catchy as “Sunday at the Soaps?” We are encouraging our subscribers to turn it into an asset. Announce to your people that you are participating with other liturgical pastors across the nation in bringing some fun to preaching the lectionary for the first quarter of 2002-—using soap opera titles as sermon titles. Have fun with this. Think of creative ways to promote it. People will look forward to Sunday simply to see how you are able to apply the Soaps theme to another message. Actually this is the key ingredient to an alive and growing church--people look forward to worship, because something new and exciting is happening. This   special   issue also contains   three outstanding bonus messages   as well as   bonus illustrations.   It is available as a Download (Click here), or it can be sent to you via e-mail by calling 1-800-848-5547 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Eastern) M-F. Call before 2:00 p.m. and you will receive it the same day. You will not find a better value than this one!

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