Titus 2:11-14

        Introduction: In verse 11 we find that salvation is of God! It’s for all people—John 3:16-17. It issues forth godly living, and it’s a foretaste of glory.
        There are many people who join the church, get baptized, and become members of a church. But things begin to happen in their lives and they turn away from the church and from God. In the book of Luke we have two parables given by Jesus to reveal that these people may not be saved and are worse off than they were before. Paul in the book of II Corinthians 5:17 tells us if one is truly saved then “old things (worldliness)” is passed away and the person becomes new (spiritual). Luke 8:11-15; 11:24-26.
        Now all of this has been said to reveal the reason why Jesus came. In verse 14 of Titus we really see why He came and what His love does for those who accepts Him as their Savior and their Lord. Consider this:
        I. Set Free: We know that when Jesus was on earth that He ministered, healed, cast out demons, and did great things for sinful men. We also know by Romans 10:9-10 and believe in our hearts that He was crucified and died, buried in a borrowed grave, was resurrected on the third day, ascended up to heaven, set down on the Right Hand of God (Hebrews 8:1), and is coming back for His church - I believe very soon. (I Thes.4:13-18). According to verse 14 of the text, we find that He came, did all this, to SET US FREE. In Matthew 9:36 is says, “Jesus was moved with compassion on the lost multitude,” He knew they needed redemption - to be set free. Are we moved in our day as our Lord was? Think about this for just a moment. Redeemed, Saved, Salvation - SET FREE.
        A. Repurchased: I Corinthians 6:19-20 - Bought with a price.
        B. Rescued: Luke 5:32 - Set Free means to be rescued - liberated from bondage.
        C. Regained that which was lost.
        II. Set Apart: Vs. 14 “ . . . .and purify unto Himself . . . ” Paul uses the term “purify” in this verse. This means he came to set us apart, to sanctify us unto Himself a:
        A. Purified People: Cleansed through and by the blood of Jesus. I John 1:7 and 9. (Malachi 3:3; Revelation 3:18 - Those that the demon will not come back to and make worse than they were before, as we observed in Luke chapters 8 and 11. When a person has been saved, they have become a purified person - set apart for His service and work. How many do we know that fit into this description in churches today? Do we see purified people by the fruit in their lives? Something to think about! Amen?
        B. Peculiar People: “ . . . .a peculiar people . . . ” Next we see that to be set apart to become a peculiar people - peculiar because they refuse to let the word be blocked out by the world and all that it offers. There is only one way we belong to Jesus. Romans 8:28-29; 14:8: I Peter 2:9-10. How many do we know today that are called “peculiar” because of their daily Christian life - following Jesus?
            1. Joseph was a peculiar man of God.
            2. Jeremiah was a peculiar man of God.
            3. Paul was a peculiar man of God.
            4. Three Hebrew Children were peculiar men of God. All of these were SET APART unto God! Have you been my friends?
        III. Set On Fire: “ . . . zealous of good works.” Jesus came to not only set us free and set us apart, but to set us on fire as well, “ . . . zealous of good works.” Ephesian 2:10 “ . . . created in Christ Jesus unto good works.” This is what’s needed in our churches of our day. One of the biggest problems that I’ve found as a pastor is that thing called “commitment.” Far too many that proclaim to have been set free and set apart do not reveal that fire of commitment in their lives! They don’t seem to understand the: 1) Problem = Harvest is already white to be gathered in; 2) Shortage = laborers are few; 3) Challenge = Pray for revival II Chronicles 7:14.
        A. Zealots: Wee those who fulfilled the Law of Moses. They demonstrated by their actions, lives, and their commitment that they were “zealous” committed for the Word of God - the Law of Moses, and were quick to judge those who violated it! This is where we get the word “zealous” from. Wouldn’t it be great if the church of our day became zealous “on fire” for Jesus?
        B. Enthusiastic: Those “set on fire for Jesus” will demonstrate enthusiasm in His church, in His work, in His witness. So many in our day that called themselves Christian has abandoned the church, our Lord’s work, and they have become unfaithful, disobedient, immoral, unethical—you find those who professed to be saved in gambling halls, night clubs, drinking, pleasure looking-up and down Christians, “On Sunday’s you find them “up to the mountains, and down to the beaches.” You don’t have to go to church to be saved, but I believe, if you are saved you have to go to church. Jesus came to set us on fire for Him and not ourselves! You see I believe if you are a Christian it shows—I mean you have really been set free, set apart, and set on fire for Jesus.
        Conclusion: John 10:9-10 - Jesus intended for those who have accepted Him to have an abundant life and that takes place through being set free, set apart, and set on fire, this is the reason why He came. He loves us, He says that in Him we will have life and it will be an abundant one.
        One final question: Does your Christianity reveal that you’ve been set free, set apart, and set on fire?
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