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Sermons for this week:

          Luke 1:47-55  -  "Mary's Revolutionary Song"
          Various Text      -    "Advent Sermon Series"
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Advent 3: I am holding in my hands a copy of one of the world’s most revolutionary
documents. In it are found these immortal words: “We hold these truths to be
self-evident, that all men are created equal. . .” Of course, that document,
the Declaration of Independence, is the charter of the American Revolution.
Though we have not yet lived up to it, it has been the vision that inspires

The only document I know that is more revolutionary is in our Bible. It is
called the Magnificat and is found in Luke, chapter 1, verses 39 through 56.

Back before India won its independence, it was under British rule. Bishop
William Temple of the Anglican Church warned his missionaries to India not
to read the Magnificat in public. He feared that it would be so inflammatory
that it might start a revolution!

The document is all the more remarkable when one remembers that it came from
the lips of a simple, teenaged girl named Mary. She grew up in the obscure
village of Nazareth in what is now northern Israel. The angel Gabriel
appeared to Mary and announced that she had been chosen to be the mother of
the long-awaited Messiah. Gabriel told Mary that her aunt Elizabeth, well
past the childbearing age, had become pregnant. Immediately Mary went to
visit Elizabeth. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, both women sensed
that God has chosen them for special tasks and would do great things through
their children.

Mary was then given by the Holy Spirit insights far too profound for a
simple teenager to originate. She declared the impact that her son would
have upon the world. She announced three distinct revolutions, which Jesus
would instigate and activate. She spoke of these revolutions in the past
tense, as if they had already happened. The world has been reeling ever
since under the influence of our revolutionary Lord.

A world shaping revolution is in place. Just this past week many wrongs in
the mid East were set on the path of being righted: the proud have been
scattered, the mighty have fallen, and the humble He has lifted. With these
events in view let us turn not to the UN, not to any world leader, but to a
young peasant girl named Mary, for it is HER words that are illustrated by
these world events. Let’s consider that it was SHE that gave birth to the
Revolution that is the pattern for all others.

1. The first nature of the revolution is spiritual.
2. The second nature of the revolution is social.
3. The third nature of the revolution is economic.


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Advent: The Perfect Gift

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1. The Wolf and the Lamb Inside Us  -  Isaiah 11:6-9

2. Gods Best Gift in the Worst Times  -  Micah 5:2-5a

3. Mary’s Revolutionary Song  -  Luke 1:39-45 (46-55)

4. The Perfect Gift  -  Galatians 4:1-7

5. Naming the Divine Baby  -  Matthew 1:18-23

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What Is Unique About Christianity?

The story of Jesus sitting and debating the Law with rabbis reminds me of another debate that took place in a comparative religions conference, the wise and the scholarly were in a spirited debate about what is unique about Christianity. Someone suggested what set Christianity apart from other religions was the concept of incarnation, the idea that God became incarnate in human form. But someone quickly said, “Well, actually, other faiths believe that God appears in human form.” Another suggestion was offered: what about resurrection? The belief that death is not the final word. That the tomb was found empty. Someone slowly shook his head. Other religions have accounts of people returning from the dead.

Then, as the story is told, C.S. Lewis walked into the room, tweed jacket, pipe, armful of papers, a little early for his presentation. He sat down and took in the conversation, which had by now evolved into a fierce debate. Finally during a lull, he spoke saying, “what's all this rumpus about?” Everyone turned in his direction. Trying to explain themselves they said, “We're debating what's unique about Christianity.” “Oh, that's easy,” answered Lewis, “it's....


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