Year C Epiphany 4 Luke 2013

Prayer-Conditioning Your Life
Luke 2: 22-40, Luke 4:21-30

Today is a national day of prayer.

Okay, not “officially.” Not sanctioned by any denomination or government decree. But there will still be more prayers hurtled heavenward today than on any other given Sunday.

Yes, it is Superbowl Sunday — and there are prayers going up for that favorite team by player, family members, coaches, investment brokers, and, of course, fans, all over this country. And, like the pizza-hawker “Papa John’s,” who promised a free pizza to anyone who correctly calls the “head or tails” coin toss that starts the game, half of the people will have their prayers “answered.” Half will not.

Sorry. Coin tosses and football games are not the testing grounds for our prayer life. “Hail Mary’s” aren’t the only way to connect with the divine. “Arrow prayers — “Dear God, please let me pass this math test,” “Dear Lord, Please keep the car on the road,” “Dear Jesus, please find me a job,” aren’t really “prayers” at all. They are heart- and soul-felt pleas.

Prayer is something different. Prayer is paying attention to the movement of the Spirit in our lives. Praying is an attitude that embraces amplitude. Prayer elevates us to the portals of eternity and opens us up to the presence of the divine. A prayer-conditioned life is a Spirit-filled life... presents Leonard Sweet