Year C Advent 3 Luke 3 2012

Turning Potholes into Mud Puddles on the Bethlehem Road
Luke 3:7-18

Did you hear? NASA is already testing prototypes of space suits for the first astronauts who will walk on the surface of Mars. Scientists are hoping this event might happen around 2030. That means by the time all the infants playing baby Jesus in this year’s bathrobe dramas known as “Christmas pageants” are getting their driver’s permits!

Right now the space suit design weighs about one hundred pounds and completely encases whoever wears the suit within a separate, sealed environment. The environment on Mars is so hostile that for any human to survive on its surface for even a moment, they must be completely cut off from everything the red planet has to offer. Those first voyagers to Mars will also be completely cut off from each other. If their communication equipment works they will be able to speak to each other. But there will be no other form of connection between them. Every Mars astronaut will be physically isolated in their own private environment. They will each walk alone on the surface of Mars.

Of course, there are plenty of people who don’t believe we will ever get there. In fact there are plenty of people, and lots of news coverage, suggesting that we won’t make it to next Friday. If you are putting off paying your VISA bill just in case the Mayan calendar is right and the end of time will occur on 21-12-2012, then you need to find your checkbook and a stamp.

Thank God Christians are on the road to Bethlehem, not on a road to nowhere... presents Leonard Sweet