Year C Advent 2 Luke 3 2012

Your Life as a Provenance of the Jesus Story
Luke 3:1-6

If you've ever driven across the U.S. using I-90 (the northern route), you have seen signs for "Wall Drug." Located in Wall, South Dakota, Wall Drug is a totally smarmy, schmaltzy, middle-of-nowhere "tourist trap." And it is THE place to stop. Why?

Because around 1936 the family running Wall Drug figured out that they were still on the road to somewhere.

Wall Drug's "claim to fame" is that when Mount Rushmore opened, Ted and Dorothy Hustead, owners of a "mom'n'pop" pharmacy/soda fountain shop way out in the boonies of South Dakota, decided to advertise by erecting a series of "Burma Shave"-style billboards along the route to that amazing new tourist destination called Mount Rushmore. They offered "free ice water" and bathrooms to the parched and pooped summer travelers snaking their way along the hot summer plains. People came for free ice water and rest rooms in droves. But then they stayed for an ice cream cone, a postcard, a doughnut.

Eventually Wall Drug became the destination stop on the way to another destination stop... presents Leonard Sweet