Year B Proper 6 Mark 4 2012
The Kingdom and the Seed
Mark 4: 26-34

Most of us have planted a garden or lived on or near a farm. In my case, I grew up in Chicago where they have to put cows in zoos because so many city people are shielded from agricultural life and would never otherwise get to see one. But for eleven years I served as the pastor of a church in the agriculturally-oriented community of Davenport, Iowa. Davenport is located in Scott County which is Mississippi River land. It is reported to be some of the richest soil in the world. I learned a lot about farming while living there. I learned about soil and seeds. I learned about the need for cooperation and balance between the various parts of nature - the sun, the soil, and the rain. Having returned recently from a trip to Iowa, I was very mindful of the soil

Celebrate the Small Stuff
Mark 4:26-34

Every book on change says the same thing. Change has changed. Change is no longer incremental. Change is exponential.

Here is what no one will tell you: change is not just incremental, or exponential. Change is infinitesimal.

So you gained a pound or two this year. It happens. Then it happens again next year. And the next year. Suddenly a decade has passed and you realize that “a pound or two” has compounded into two sacks of flour sitting on your hips! Infinitesimal change has caught up with you.

In the early 1950s farmer Clarence Mauerhan was known as the “Chili Pepper King” of Orange County (“Anaheim peppers,” anyone?). A mysterious buyer was paying top dollar for all the farms in the area, but farmer Mauerhan would have none of it. He was the lone holdout against payments for land that no one had dreamed were possible... presents Leonard Sweet