Year B Proper 28 Mark 13 2012

The Temple of Doom and the Bridegroom
Mark 13:1-84

If you've ever had your wallet or purse stolen you know that the worst "loss" is not the cash (who has it!) or the credit cards (you just cancel them). The worst loss is all those personal, "heart" things you keep close to you.

  • Your ancient Social Security card that you got at age 15.
  • Photos of parents, kids, and siblings that are faded and creased from being carted about for years.
  • Those little "oddments" that remind you of who you are and where you come from — a broken piece of jewelry, a note giving life-changing good or bad news, a "charmed" bill or check you never cashed.

All those things that are not worth anything to anyone else…but are priceless to you.

The only theft worse than that of your carry-about life space is that of your personal living place. Even if no one was home, the feeling of invasion and violation is huge. Our homes are divided up into bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. But there is always some central gathering space. Whether you call it the "living room," or the "family room," the "recreation room" or the "great room," – it is the space in your home where your family comes together, amidst all your favorite things and most family-connecting artifacts, to celebrate togetherness and unity.

Today's reading is about Jesus' relationship to the "Temple"... presents Leonard Sweet