Year B Proper 27 Mark 12 2012

The Lost Five Commandments
Mark 12:38-44

When Moses descended from the heights of Mount Sinai, he juggled in his arms not two but three Tablets of the Covenant, with five commandments inscribed on each. At least that's how Mel Brooks tells it in his classic comedy "History of the World, Part I."

'Hear me, o hear me! All pay heed!' the movie Moses proclaims. 'The Lord, the Lord Jehovah, has given unto you these fifteen . . . [One stone tablet drops and shatters. A perplexed Moses looks down and mutters 'Oy!'] . . . ten, TEN commandments for all to obey!'

Of course, it never really happened that way. But what if it had? What if God had originally meant to give us fifteen commandments, and five got lost?"

What are the "Lost Five commandments," the "Other Five Commandments?" We can all wonder what was on that "lost tablet" and can nominate whatever five commandments we would like to add to God's "perfect ten." So this is a very personal list... presents Leonard Sweet