Year B Proper 26 Mark 12 2012

The Messiah's Mark
Mark 12:28-34

New parents are always so eager and anxious for their babies to learn to talk. We cajole and coo and coax them to get out those first precious words. But eventually parental prayers are answered, and the child speaks.

Next thing they know, however, Mom and Dad are being grilled by junior or missy who have discovered the all important "Why?" question.

There are the science questions - "Why is the sky blue?" "Why does the wind blow?" "Why is water wet?" "Where exactly in our bodies are we located?" There are the personal questions - "Why do I have to go to bed?" "Why do I have to eat my vegetables?" "Why do I have to wear a coat?"

There are relational questions - "Why are you crying?" "Why did Grandpa die?" Why do I have to be nice to that funny smelling person?"

Even when a long litany of "Why?" questions get tedious, good parents know they need to keep answering. Children learn from asking question. But it isn't so much the answer to their inquiry that they are learning. What our children are really learning with these first "Why?" questions is to turn to the ones who love them the most, who care for them as family, for an expansion of knowledge and an expression of love. Questions keep parent and child engaged in an on-going, living, growing relationship... presents Leonard Sweet