Year B Pentecost Acts 2 2012
Are You Pentecostal?
Acts 2:1-21

The well known author and preacher Fred Craddock tells a rather funny story about a lecture he was giving: A few years ago, when he was on the west coast speaking at a seminary, just before the first lecture, one of the students stood up and said, "Before you speak, I need to know if you are Pentecostal." The room grew silent. Craddock said he looked around for the Dean of the seminary! He was no where to be found.

The student continued with his quiz right in front of everybody. Craddock was taken aback, and so he said, "Do you mean do I belong to the Pentecostal Church?" He said, "No, I mean are you Pentecostal?" Craddock said, "Are you asking me if I am charismatic?" the student said, "I am asking you if you are Pentecostal." Craddock said, "Do you want to know if I speak in tongues?" He said, "I want to know if you are Pentecostal." Craddock said, "I don't know what your question is." The student said, "Obviously, you are not Pentecostal." He left.

What are we talking about this morning? Is the church supposed to use the word Pentecost only as a noun or can it be used as an adjective? And so I ask you: Are you Pentecostal?...

God's Two Hands
John 15:26 27; 16:4b 15

There is a reason the disciples are best known as the "duh!-ciples."

Jesus hand-picked his own team, these twelve companions in ministry and mission. How could his chosen dozen have been so duh! and dumb?

Come on, now. Don't deny that this very thought has not crossed your mind at some point or another when reading any of the four gospels! From the safe distance of twenty centuries it is easy to look back self-importantly at Galilee and assert that, "If I'd been there I'd have ‘gotten it!'"

Really? You think?

The Man — the charismatic Jesus, the greatest communicator and most creative person the world has ever seen.
The Message — the master teacher of Torah with revolutionary claims and astonishing insights.
The Miracles — the signs and wonders that made divine powers a seaside, roadside, bedside experience.

It is easy to wonder. After all, the disciples lived with Jesus. They were as close to him as anyone could get. They traveled with Jesus. They listened to his every word... presents Leonard Sweet